No Chicken Left Behind or Leftover

2015-12-25 12.42.29 (1)

I began writing this blog on the insistence of my daughter… She blogs… this is a shameless plug). I will disclose tidbits about me that will clue you in on how deep my love for food runs.

TIDBIT: I don’t like leftovers all that much

THERE I said it. WHEW…Now I can get on with my life..LOL. I am grateful for food and the ability to cook but I am extremely picky. Sometimes I can’t stand myself. So I made a whole rotisserie chicken on Sunday and by Tuesday I am over it. I live alone & cook alone so a whole chicken was too much for me anyways…ANYWHO…It’s cold here in NYC and so I made SOUP……The chicken was already cooked and made my life easier…..

1452041418790 (1).jpg
Added all these ingredients to Chicken Stock


OF COURSE the GREEDY girl in me added spiral pasta to bulk it up. Hey..Its cold and I need all the nutrients I can get…..

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