SMACK & Cheese

mac&chz1Mac & Cheese has ALWAYS been a staple at our dinner table especially at Holiday time. So I took my Mama’s recipe and made it MINE. I know she would be proud. Some people add up to 7 cheeses but I like to keep it down to 3. I find the infusion of too may cheeses just causes the drowning of some of the cheese’s flavors and overpowering of others. Some don’t incorporate well. I prefer SIMPLE but SMACK Your Mama GOOD

cropped-2015-09-08-18-27-02-1.jpgNOW..I will incorporate other ingredients like Shrimp, Lobster & Crabmeat to create a Seafood Mac & Cheese like in THIS baby here

2016-01-06 01.05.11As you can see here I added BACON….Since I don’t eat pork I added Turkey Bacon which was still SCRUMPTIOUS.. The same 3 cheeses were used in conjunction with the bacon

2015-12-25 12.09.11LAST BUT NOT LEAST…….MY SOUTHERN STYLE MAC & CHEESE……. I INFUSED Collard Greens & Sweet Potatoes along with the 3 Cheeses……  Can you say SMACK YOUR MAMA GOOD?

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