Going Bananas………


Banana Pudding is a dessert generally consisting of layers of sweet vanilla custard, cookies and fresh bananas placed in a dish topped with merengue or whip cream. Banana pudding is related to southern cuisine but is found in many variations across the country. It can be baked or refrigerated. Either method will ensure the fusion of the cookies, custard and bananas. Once they intermingle…..GOOD LAWD….


Above contains merengue. Personally I use either merengue or whip cream depending on my mood. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE NANA PUDDIN as I call it.

chessnanLFNan  Upon my research of Banana Pudding I found that some people use other types of cookies such as Chessman and Lady Fingers. Have I ever tried any of these variations? No. Not sure that I would. I just began to wrap my mind around the use of other cookie types for this recipe

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