Yeah..Its me Chef Danielle talking about SOUP again….I love soup..Its filling and sort of a GUILT FREE food (my opinion). I love adding Shrimp, Fish & Chicken to soup stocks to create great tasting soups.

2015-11-02 17.17.20
Seafood Chowder

I found a Shrimp Chowder recipe on My Recipes and decided to add ore than shrimp. AS you can see I added Shrimp, Salmon, Crab Meat & Lobster. I created a Seafood Chowder. This recipe was easy and tasty.

Shrimp Egg Drop Soup

I LOVE Egg Drop Soup. I had an Corn Egg Drop Soup at a Chinese restaurant and decided to make my own. Prior to me embracing FOOD I would have never thought of making my own soups. NEVER. I added organic frozen corn & cooked shrimp. You can view the recipe HERE. SOUPS Are SOUPER……I Love Food & Food Loves Me Too…..





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