1 Fish

2016-01-21 18.15.49.jpg
Fresh Salmon

Salmon is 1 of the few fish I still eat. With so many BAD FISH out there, there’s not many left that I feel safe eating. Although I’m a chef I am extremely PICKY. It drives me insane trying to figure out what I want to eat..SIGH…. My BFF and I have many conversations about food. We swap recipes, discuss ingredients & dishes we plan to make. So I went to my local fish market and purchased some salmon. I haven’t had it in a few weeks and thought it would be a great alternative to what I’ve been eating. I purchased it and stared at it trying to decide how am I going to prepare this.

2016-01-21 18.09.23

After thinking long and hard I decided to fry it. YUP.. Why not? There’s no law against it. So I washed it, squeezed fresh lemon on it and seasoned it up nicely.

fshfryYears ago I would ALWAYS make sure I have this in my pantry. NOW I have vowed not to consume too many boxed food items. After doing my research I mix flour & cornmeal to make a coating for the batter. 60% cornmeal 40% flour depending on how much fish you are planning to fry. HERE are other batter recipes you can try

I deep fried this salmon & shrimp in my deep fryer. If you don’t have one then feel free to use a frying pan. I don’t fry it long. Time depends on the thickness and size of the fish. I know fried fish isn’t that healthy but just once in a while I have to have this fish FRIED.

Of course I was unable to finish my meal of Fried Salmon, Fried Shrimp, Mac&Cheese & String Beans(not shown). I had 1 shrimp left over and some salmon. For breakfast I made cheese grits and ate my remaining fish & shrimp……

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