Nothing Beats BEETS

2016-02-01 16.07.29
Roasted Beet Hummus

One evening I was out having drink and small bites, Tapas, if you will and came across a beet hummus. I immediately started missing my Mama. She was the person who opened up my palette to different tastes. As a young girl she took me to Japanese, Chinese Italian, Soul Food Restaurants. She tried to teach me to eat with chopsticks but it wasn’t until I became an adult that I caught on. ANYWHO… I was served this amazing beet hummus. I tasted, savored & mulled it over my buds and allowed the party in my mouth to commence.

2016-02-01 16.09.12

I was served this with Pita Bread. I had some organic corn tortillas and decided to go with them. Bread and I are separated at the moment and I didn’t want to send BREAD the wrong  signal and having it think we’re reunited. NOT…LOL… The taste is AWESOME. It was super easy to make.

NOW the next time I make this..I plan on using pita bread. I may even make some Naan. MAYBE…..LOL

BCD01 (2)

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