Fried Grits??? WHY??



I frequented establishments that have FRIED GRITS on their menu. WHO THE FUCK CAME UP WITH THIS? Now I come from a southern family so grits were a staple. There was no such thing as running out of grits.

Fried Grits

If my Grandmother were alive she would probably track down the individual who came up with this and spew all sort of profanities at them. Anyone who knows her knows she is so capable of doing this with little to no effort. I feel like I should track this person down for her namesake and spew the obscenities on her behalf. Just kidding…A little… YES..I take GRITS seriously. I’ve been eating grits since I can remember. I’ve become an EXPERT on grits. I know by the 1st taste whether a cheap brand or quality brand grits. I learned from one of THEE best Annie Mae Moore my Grandmother. She gave me my 1st bowl of grits and made them taste SCRUMPTIOUS, to a kid which can be quite hard to do. I can eat them for dinner and have many a night.

So let me tell you about these FRIED SHITS I mean GRITS. They taste like cardboard croutons. No disrespect to croutons. At least croutons have taste. THESE? Not so much

2016-01-18 15.45.33_wm
Fried Shrimp & Grits

Sometimes being so busy as a chef I have no time to eat. RIGHT…Does this sound crazy or what? Its True..I say to myself “You can eat after you do this”. THIS turns into THAT and THEN SOME. Me being the PICKY EATER that I am I want what I want. If I have a dish in mind I don’t eat until I have THAT meal. Nothing else will do. 60% of the time its GRITS.

2016-02-05 16.38.35
Salmon Over Grits

I really need you guys to stop experimenting with GRITS. Its hurting my spirit, my soul and my HEART………LOL

BCD01 (2)

2 thoughts on “Fried Grits??? WHY??

  1. People are always trying to remix things, i guess to make it better or whatever. In some situations a lil remix can be great, but in other situations such as this, what is not broken does not need to be fixed!…

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