Who will the Girls look up to Pt.3

LOVE this Ruby Dee tribute


Mrs. Ruby Dee


I remember seeing her in
Do the Right Thing
and thinking how much she looks like my grandmother and her name is Ruby as well.


Right? Awwww,Look at My Rubes, Miss u Lady!! 😥 Anywho….

Especially her character in the movie was so much like “My Rubes” her calling Da Mayor played by her husband Ossie Davis “you old drunk fool”. LOL!!



I also remember watching her in the 1961 original movie “A Raisin in the Sun” she was so beautiful.



Born in Cleveland, OH and raised Harlem, NY in 1922 Ruby Dee was an actress, poet, playwright, screenwriter, journalist and activist.



Her acting career crossed all major forms of media over a span of 8 decades.
She was nominated for numerous awards: In 1995 Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis (her husband) were awarded with the National Medal of Arts & in 2004 recipients of the Kennedy…

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