2016-02-11 08.09.18 (1)
MLK Cookie Favor Gift Box

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WHAT I DO. The things you can create with food & dessert are ENDLESS. You can evoke feelings of deep satisfaction to nostalgia. I remember when I was younger and I got to watch the MLK I Have A Dream Speech on television on some Black History Month special. Although he had died before I was born I can still remember him talking about  EQUALITY & LOVE. The way he spoke and the passion in his voice was memorable. I created these cookie favors in his honor.

As a NATURALISTA I decided to create these cookies of sisters rocking natural hair styles. I have 100’s of cutter and each cutter can be used in more than 1 way. I actually can customize cookies. That may be 1 of my super powers. LOL.

2016-01-31 14.30.09 (1)

So I went a step further and created these natural cookies with sisters rocking loc’s. This has gotten so many rave reviews. It just confirms that I am in the arena I am supposed to be in. When I am creating these I am in a ZONE. Time flies by and I realize that I haven’t eaten but not even hunger pains can stop my creative juices from flowing. I take PRIDE in my heritage and what I do. BCD01 (2)




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