Can I do You A Favor?

Over the years I have been to many,many events. I create custom cakes and a lot of times I get invited to the festive occasion. Most times I go home with THIS type of giveaway. My initial reaction is excitement. I would go home and put it in a box or bag and push in the closet out of sight.

So after collecting these over the years I found myself doing a HUGE cleaning and came across a box filled with all sorts of favors from many, many parties. Sitting in the middle of the floor with a box filled with favors caused me to think. I looked at each favor and most of them served no real purpose (no offense to those who make and sell these). I had to make a decision of tossing all these favors. I felt bad for a moment but holding onto these did not make any sense.

2015-11-13 11.36.27_wm (1)

This was years ago and since then I have collected 100’s of cookie cutters. I have learned to look at cutters and see that it can be have multiple uses.

Gone are the days of giving out those plastic party favors that most people have no use for and end up tossing them in the trash. Think about something more trendy. What’s trending NOW are edible favors. Everything from Candy to COOKIES.

Edible party favor benefits:

Makes your event more memorable

Most times the favor doesn’t make it to the recipient’s  home

It doesn’t get tossed

Edible Gifts Make Incredible Gifts.

BCD01 (2)


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