Kale & Collard Greens. The HAPPY Couple

I WILL NOT apologize for my recent obsession with Kale & Collard Greens. I WON’T. LOL. Cooked I WILL NOT eat one without the other. I just can’t. It would be like separating a couple that we all know belongs together. NOW when it comes to having a salad I will eat Kale along with other leafy greens that I love. As I have been doing lately. I also became obsessed with BEETS but we will talk about that in another post.

The Happy Couple..Kale & Collard Greens

Look how BEAUTIFUL they are together. I feel like a proud parent at a wedding reception. I sautéed onions, added kale, kosher salt and then I added collards. They simmer down and then I add an organic Vegetable Stock. Depending on how much I am cooking and how may I keep alternating between Kale & Collards and Vegetable Stock.. I do not drown them in stock but add enough to barely cover the greens. Then I SLOW GROOVE them. Slow Grooving is when you let this simmer for an hour or more on a low flame

12799429_1249272138435568_3879685544513923450_n (1)
BBQ Chicken, Mac&Cheese with Kale & Collard Greens

Every Friday I make and sell lunch. I made BBQ Chicken, 4 Chese Mac&Cheese with Kale & Collard Greens. HUGE HIT…This Friday I had some Kale & Collards left over and decided to do our family recipe of Kale & Collard Wontons…THIS particular recipe was developed by my sister who is also a chef.Our family has quite a few recipes we’ve developed over the years. Watch out for the MOORE FAMILY EMPIRE

2016-03-27 08.56.24_wm (1)
Kale & Collard Green Wontons with a Spicy Sweet & Sour Sauce

What’s INSIDE? I’ve been sworn to secrecy by my sister and she would write me out her will and have me killed…LOL. NO SERIOUSLY…LOL.



These are very addictive. If you LOVE southern cuisine you will be asking for MOORE GUARANTEED……..

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