Here it goes….I’ve been nominated by WWW.ABitofeverythang.Com to answer these questions and nominate 10 people. Since these questions are geared towards fashion & make-up I changed 2 or 3 questions.

  1. What inspired you to star blogging?                                              My daughter. It crossed my mind a time to 2 but she gave me that push that I needed. Since I already do so much I thought how in the hell can I add blogging to my laundry list. I did and I am DOING IT……
  2. Favorite make-up was the next question but I changed it to my favorite kitchen gadget?  My mini chopper. This baby saves me so much time   choper
  3. Pizza or Hamburgers?  PIZZA
  4. Dream job…… I am actually partially working my dream job. Having my own business with quite a few facets to my business keeps me busy. I am working towards my dream of having my own restaurant . Family owned
  5. If you could shadow 1 person for a day who would it be? I would love to shadow Chef G. Garvin. Love his flair, personality and drive
  6. Favorite You Tube blogger?  How To Cake It  with Yolanda Gampp
  7. BIGGEST FEAR…. Letting my family down. Disappointing my ancestors.
  8. What is your favorite product line?  CUISINART
  9. What’s your favorite quote? Why? image                                                                          I have a daughter and son along with 4 grandchildren. They are all looking at me. They are rooting for me and I can’t give up or give in.
  10. What do you want your followers to know about you?             I want my followers to know that I’m genuine. I love what I do and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I want to be successful. Successful meaning impacting the lives of other in a positive way . That’s how I define success

I nominate @lakisha25 @Nakeduglytruth @koolaidmoms

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