Pineapple Cashew Shrimp & Lobster Fried Rice


I LOVE Food…ALL KINDS….ESPECIALLY dishes with seafood. My daughter wanted me to make some fried rice. She then suggested pineapple as an ingredient as well as cashews. MY FAVES as well. I love when I have all the ingredients to make a dish. I’ll even take most of the ingredients. I just had to get green onion. I made the rice a day in advance. Day old cold or frozen rice makes for the BEST fried rice. Day old cold rice is best because it prevents the rice from being overcooked and soggy.


I use Spanish onion. I don’t use yellow onions. I hate the taste. Spanish onions are better. I used fresh pineapple and roasted cashews. I sautéed this in sesame oil and set aside. I added in some fresh corn and scrambled eggs.

20160612_221918.png     20160612_215704

I seasoned the seafood with salt & pepper. I LOVE FOOD & FOOD LOVES ME TOO

BCD01 (2)

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