Brooklyn Chef Danielle


I am a Brooklyn, NY native who was born into a family of cooks. I’m the 1st of 6 children. My Grandmother baked. My Mother cooked. Currently I have a sister who is a chef and a brother who is also a chef. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE FOOD. I love researching recipes, experimenting with new ingredients and enjoying the end results. I started off just baking. Creating custom cakes, cookies favors, cupcakes, cake pops,etc

My love for baking was instilled in me by my Grandmother Annie Mae. I made it my business to learn all I could about baking trends, new tools and equipment. I felt like I was married to baking.  I avoided food like the plague. I actually felt guilty about incorporating food into my menu. I was resistant to creating food dishes. I realized I can do the 2 without feeling guilty. I was able to find balance between the 2. That cheating feeling went away and it allowed me to be my creative self. I have transformed into a Fatty Turned Foodie……


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