The Nitty GRIT-TEE

You may look at this picture and your focal point may be on the shrimp or crabcake. The real PRIZE here are the CHEESE GRITS. Yes you heard me correctly. I L-O-V-E Grits. I have been eating them before I had teeth. My Grandmother Annie Mae who was born in South Carolina was the Queen Of Grits. She didn’t cook the 5 minute grits. She despised those. She made the one’s that took 20 minutes to cook. 

I was taught all about Grits by my Grandmother. I  remember her sending me to the market as a teen and 1 of the items on the list was Grits. Not knowing I purchased the QUICK GRITS…Why did I do that? She made me go back but not before lecturing me on the importance of why slow cook grits were better and  never to be brought into her home again. 

She used to make Chicken & Grits, Fish & Grits as well as Sardines & Grits. I remember looking at Sardines and screwing up my face. 1 day I decided to try it and let me say I requested this on many occasions thereafter.

Grits is a food made from corn that is ground into a coarse meal and then boiled. Grits are usually served with other flavorings as a breakfast dish, usually savory. It is popular in the Southern United States. It may also be found as an evening entrée when made with shrimp.

Three-quarters of grits sold in the U.S. are bought in the South, in an area stretching from Texas to Virginia that is sometimes called the “grits belt”. The state of Georgia declared grits its official prepared food in 2002.

Although I’m a chef I adore eating put and discovering new & exciting places to eat. Breakfast is my meal of choice. 

When entering a restaurant or diner after my greeting I ALWAYS ask “Do you have grits?”. I adapted this habit after walking into a restaurant sitting down and ordering tea. The waiter then came back to take my order and I was told WE HAVE NO GRITS…In my mind I turned over 3 tables and several chairs. In reality I paid for my tea and went to a restaurant that did have Grits. This was the last time this happened. I vowed never to be seated before finding out is grits were being served. 

I have have become a connoisseur on Grits. I can eat them and tell if they are Quaker or a generic brand. There’s a big difference in taste. Some won’t notice but if you’ve been eating for as long as I have YOU NOTICE. 

My love for Grits may be seen as an obsession I  jokingly call it OCGD. Obsessive Compulsive Grit Disorder….I LOVE GRITS…..

Breakfast is THE BEST MEAL of The Day


For ME Breakfast the THE most important meal of the day. No matter what time I awake on any given day I WANT BREAKFAST. Most times I go to bed praying and wondering what am I going to eat for breakfast. I try to plan meals. Things don’t ALWAYS go as planned. I cook 3 or 4 hays a week. I have yet to learn to cook for 1 so I have leftovers. Leftovers are AWESOME. Anywho…. Instead of eating a traditional breakfast all the time I try to incorporate new meals into my menu. I try to take a break from my GRITS every so often.

2016-02-27 10.51.32

Waste No Want Not….The dreaded ENDS of the bread. Ok…I made a vow to myself to stop wasting food. So I took these to ends along with eggs and turkey bacon(not shown) and made Turkey Bacon & Egg Toast Cups

All I used was 2 pieces of bacon cut. 2 of the end bread and 2 eggs. I sprinkled salt, pepper and a bit of nutmeg and brushed the edges of the bread with melted butter. As this was baking I fixed myself a cup of Roobios Chai Tea and waited……..


I had some leftover avocado from dinner.. VOILA’………WASTE NOT WANT NOT………


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