Chocolate WHAT??????

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Chocolate Banana Pudding

I am a HUGE fan of CHOCOLATE and a HUGE fan of Banana Pudding. So I sort after a pudding recipe. FROM SCRATCH… Since becoming a foodie I’ve cut down on the boxed food I eat. So I had to also make the wafer cookies from scratch. Besides there were no places to purchase chocolate wafer cookies….NONE..Trust me I searched.

Chocolate Wafer Cookies & Chocolate Banana Pudding

This dessert is COMPLETELY made from scratch unlike the traditional Banana Pudding where you use Nilla Wafers from the box. Maybe I will make the Nilla Wafers from scratch next time..Ummmm. Something to think about


Broken Hearts & Booze Cookie Favor Gift Box


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Edible Gifts Make Incredible Gifts

HeartFelt Cookie Favor Gift Box & Talk Dirty To Me Gift Box

Valentine’s Day is approaching. I LOVE Valentine’s Day not so much for the LOVE of a particular person but for the LOVE of all the desserts related to V-Day. I LOVE sweets. I LOVE creating desserts. 1 ABSOLUTELY LOVE creating Cookie Favors not just for Valentine’s Day but for Baby Showers, Bridal Showers and other festive occasions. I create Cookie Gift Box Favors….1 Dozen cookies comes in a wooden keepsake box with edible candies on the bottom and I add the cookies………

Broken Hearts & Booze Cookie Favor Gift Box

We created this for the ANTI Valentine’s Day individuals. Our Broken Hearts & Booze is a HIT especially during Valentine’s Day. YOU CAN WIN THIS IF YOU POST YOUR WORSE DATE EVER IN THE COMMENTS…..THE BEST WORSE DATE STORY WILL WIN…STAY TUNED

We LOVE love…..Our Hearts & L-O-V-E Cookie Favor Gift Box & X’s, O’s & Lips

Our ideas are ENDLESS. We have hundreds of cookie cutters and thousand’s of ideas.

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1 Fish

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Fresh Salmon

Salmon is 1 of the few fish I still eat. With so many BAD FISH out there, there’s not many left that I feel safe eating. Although I’m a chef I am extremely PICKY. It drives me insane trying to figure out what I want to eat..SIGH…. My BFF and I have many conversations about food. We swap recipes, discuss ingredients & dishes we plan to make. So I went to my local fish market and purchased some salmon. I haven’t had it in a few weeks and thought it would be a great alternative to what I’ve been eating. I purchased it and stared at it trying to decide how am I going to prepare this.

2016-01-21 18.09.23

After thinking long and hard I decided to fry it. YUP.. Why not? There’s no law against it. So I washed it, squeezed fresh lemon on it and seasoned it up nicely.

fshfryYears ago I would ALWAYS make sure I have this in my pantry. NOW I have vowed not to consume too many boxed food items. After doing my research I mix flour & cornmeal to make a coating for the batter. 60% cornmeal 40% flour depending on how much fish you are planning to fry. HERE are other batter recipes you can try

I deep fried this salmon & shrimp in my deep fryer. If you don’t have one then feel free to use a frying pan. I don’t fry it long. Time depends on the thickness and size of the fish. I know fried fish isn’t that healthy but just once in a while I have to have this fish FRIED.

Of course I was unable to finish my meal of Fried Salmon, Fried Shrimp, Mac&Cheese & String Beans(not shown). I had 1 shrimp left over and some salmon. For breakfast I made cheese grits and ate my remaining fish & shrimp……

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One & DONE


As much as I LOVE being in the kitchen, cooking & experimenting I have my days where I want to go in there and get OUT quick. So I have been running across videos showing these 1 pan dishes. This Chicken Parmesan dish caught my attention…..So I decided to give it a shot

Chicken & Spinach Parmesan

I have been making this the LONG tedious way for years. So I wanted to see if this was really & truly possible. As you can see IT IS…..Here is my spin on this

  • Seasoned Chicken Cutlets (whatever seasonings you prefer)
  • Mixed Panko Bread Crumbs & Parmesan Cheese in a bowl
  • Pressed cutlets in panko parmesan mixture fully coat
  • Add 3 tablespoons of olive oil to a Dutch oven pan/no stick pan
  • After browning the cutlets on both sides remove from pan
  • Wipe pan and cover the bottom with sauce
  • Place cutlets in sauce and top with 1 or 2 teaspoons of sauce
  • Top with large leafy spinach leaves
  • Add mozzarella cheese by the spoonful so that you achieve a nice looking dish
Again.. I am not a spoon by spoon, cup by cup type of chef……Add what you think works for YOU……….




I am faithful and at ease…..
I have absolute Faith in myself!
I have faith in my craft, in my work, in my mothering…
I am doing my absolute best and am striving to do even better.
Stating my affirmation out loud while being in complete peace was exhilarating!
Sheree Sophas of SuSe’ pure soy candles has blessed me with 3 beautiful affirmation candles of Faith, Passion & Prayer.



First off I have been looking for peace for the past two and a half years, still aint found it yet… IJS

Tonight I tried the Faith candle. It smells absolutely amazing, I have faith that this might be the scent to attract me a man!


Anywho I lit the candle and my whole room smells like heaven.


I play the designed music to it and I just feel like I am on an island somewhere even in the midst of…

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Yeah..Its me Chef Danielle talking about SOUP again….I love soup..Its filling and sort of a GUILT FREE food (my opinion). I love adding Shrimp, Fish & Chicken to soup stocks to create great tasting soups.

2015-11-02 17.17.20
Seafood Chowder

I found a Shrimp Chowder recipe on My Recipes and decided to add ore than shrimp. AS you can see I added Shrimp, Salmon, Crab Meat & Lobster. I created a Seafood Chowder. This recipe was easy and tasty.

Shrimp Egg Drop Soup

I LOVE Egg Drop Soup. I had an Corn Egg Drop Soup at a Chinese restaurant and decided to make my own. Prior to me embracing FOOD I would have never thought of making my own soups. NEVER. I added organic frozen corn & cooked shrimp. You can view the recipe HERE. SOUPS Are SOUPER……I Love Food & Food Loves Me Too…..